Top Issues

Meaningful Educational Opportunities

  • Quality educational opportunities for every student in every neighborhood – Attend schools where you live by choice.
  • Proper oversight and parity between Public Schools and Charter Schools
  • Re-Introduction of Vocational Education via Relationships with Unions
  • Remove Public Education Control & Oversight from the Mayor’s Office


Accessible Quality Healthcare

  • Basic Preventative Healthcare Services readily available in all eight wards
  • Maternity and Well Baby care readily available in all eight wards
  • Emergency Room and general Hospital beds available and more equitably distributed throughout the District of Columbia


Safe Streets

  • Promote Crime Prevention when possible
  • More cases cleared in a timely manner by MPD
  • Stronger Mandatory Penalties for Crimes involving firearms
  • Better Community Relations and more community involvement


Lower Taxes and Responsible Spending

  • Step One – Don’t raise taxes!
  • Promote Fiscal Responsibility – Spend more wisely
  • Government should stop offering services that are better provided by the private sector or community organizations


An Alternative Voice on DC Council

  • When elected, Ralph J Chittams Sr will be the only Conservative voice on the DC Council representing residents city-wide

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